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Veterinary ophthalmology is an area , dedicated to diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the eye and the tissues around it

The goal of the treatment is keeping the eyesight, as well as assuring comfort for the eyes of your pet.

Many of the eye diseases can be treated with medications, but sometimes surgical intervention is also necessary. Nova Veterinary Clinic is the only vet clinic in Bulgaria with a complete ophthalmologic center, fully equipped for diagnosis and treatment of all eye diseases. We have a specialized ophthalmology examination room and a surgery room equipped with the latest equipment – a surgical microscope, cataract surgery machine and so on.

When your pet needs to undergo a surgical intervention, it is good to know that in Nova Veterinary Clinic there are surgeons with excellent  qualification, a lot of experience and high professional ethics.

At Nova Veterinary Clinic we perform the following routine and specialized surgical procedures:

  • Eye surgery;
  • Soft tissue surgery;
  • Orthopedic surgery;
  • Onco surgery;
  • Neurosurgery;
  • Undoubtedly you, as pet owners, are worried about the stress and pain your pet will go through before, during and after the surgical intervention.
Endoscopy is a medical procedure with minimum invasion, which is used to check the condition of the internal surface of the organs via a video endoscope (a long narrow pipe with a camera at its end). The direct check of the interior of the organs helps to easily, quickly and more precisely diagnose some diseases. Depending on the symptoms, the endoscope is used to check the inner throat, the esophagus, the stomach and the small intestine, the colon (colonoscopy) or the airways – the nose, the throat and the lungs (bronchoscopy).
The video endoscope is equipped with a set of different biopsy clips (tissue samples can be collected with the endoscope and analyzed by a pathophysiologist for a more accurate diagnosis)
The veterinarians at Nova Veterinary Clinic recommend the following preventive care:


The dogs in Bulgaria are vaccinated for the following viral diseases: Distemper, Infectious Hepatitis, Parvovirosis, Parainfluenza, kennel cough, Leptospirosis, and rabies. The vaccination of the cats is against Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia, Feline leukemia, chlamydia felis, and rabies.

The small puppies and kittens have received some immunity from their mothers, but it is not enough to save them from the dangerous virus infections that they can easily get. The treatment of patients with such a weak immune system is often unsuccessful. Our suggestion is to take the necessary precautions and vaccinate the young animals until they build up a strong immunity.

After the startup vaccination scheme (consisting of 3 vaccines for the dogs and 2 for the cats) only a yearly revaccination is needed so that that defense against the infections is strengthened.

Do not underestimate our advice for full quarantine of the puppy or kitten before the vaccinations – it takes only a split second for the virus to contaminate the young organism. Letting the dog or cat out even for just a quick play may put its life at risk.

In Nova Vet Clinic we can perform a large number of tests for diagnosis of infectious and noninfectious diseases.

Our laboratory is equipped with complete blood count analyzer, complete urine analysis, microbiological and cytological examinations. The correct diagnosis is crucial for the effectiveness of the treatment and its success.

Here we can also perform hormone tests for thyroid gland problems, cortisol levels, male and female sex hormones, blood sugar levels and follow up of patients with diabetes.

The presurgical blood panels, which we analyze before each surgical intervention, give us information about the condition of each organ, the level of hydration and the presence of anemia. Thus we evaluate the level of risk from the anesthesia and choose the most appropriate scheme for the patient.

Nova Veterinary Clinic is equipped with an excellent veterinary dental machine and a qualified dentist, thus offering high level dental services.

The most common reason for the owners to bring their pet to a vet dentist is cleaning the tartar from the teeth with ultrasound, followed by teeth polishing with special polishing paste. Another very common problem is the so-called polydontia, which occurs when the baby teeth remain attached together with the adult teeth.


Speaking of internal diseases in the pets, there is a very important fact we would like to share with you – nature didn’t spare them from diseases at all, and they, just like us, suffer from all kinds of diseases. The owner plays the major role in following the condition of the pet – looking for any signs of change in its general condition and behavior. The symptoms that the owner will share with the vet are very important for the correct and timely diagnosis, leading to a faster healing process. No matter what the type of the disease is – inflammatory, acute or chronicle – the owner is the one who can take over the control of the pet’s health and make sure it is treated properly and on time.

The dermatological diseases are a serious problem for the animals (especially if they lead to strong itch or pain) as well as for the people in contact with them – there is a very high risk of contamination, bad smell, and heavy hair loss.

The causes for the dermatological diseases in the cats and dogs are numerous and their exact identification is crucial for the correct treatment. The problems may be caused by parasites, bacteria, hormones, viruses, allergies or autoimmune, and they often give us a clue for the state of the internal organs and systems.

Nova Vet Clinic offers a full range of obstetrics, gynecology and andrology services, including:


  • Cytological, hormonal and ultrasound analysis of the condition of the female before fertilization
  • Determining the best time for meeting the female with the male
  • Artificial insemination
  • Brucella Canis test
  • Examining the status of the male: complete andrological checkup and spermal analysis
  • Diagnosis and pregnancy tracking. Our Obstetrics and gynecology specialist will be available 24/7, ready to assist and answer all your questions.
  • Assisted birth in case of a difficult birth process, which can also be performed at your home. Cesarean section – the clinic can perform an urgent or planned cesarean 24 hours a day.
CANCER, or the big C, is one of the scariest words that can be said out loud by a doctor in any medical facility.

Nowadays almost every family has been affected by this phenomenon in one way or another. The statistic shows that one out of every four dogs and one out of every three cats will be affected by an oncologic disease. Every doctor believes that we need to use new methods of diagnosis and treatment of this disease.

The ultrasound is a modern method for diagnosis of many different diseases. The ultrasound machine uses the function of the ultrasound waves to be deflected from tissues with different density, giving a clear 3D image of the organs. Thus we can identify alterations in the shape, size, density, structure and the position of a given organ.

This diagnostic method is completely harmless and safe for your pet!

The ultrasound examination has a very wide field of application, combining excellent diagnosis value and good perception from the patients. The procedure is absolutely harmless with no side effects at all.

Due to the large number of patients with gastrointestinal diseases the team of Nova Vet Clinic has specialized in diagnosis and treatment of these diseases. The clinic is equipped with the best equipment for examination and therapy – a video endoscope, ultrasound machine and the complete range of tests for bacterial and viral gastrointestinal diseases.

Here we perform the following examinations:

  • Planned and urgent ultrasound of stomach.
  • Invasive procedures under ultrasound control – punctions, biopsy, drainage.
  • Planned (diagnostic) and urgent esophagus-duodenoscopy and colonoscopy (examining the esophagus, stomach, and intestine with videoendoscopic technique).
  • Coagulation in cases of bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract through a video endoscope.
  • Endoscopic (non-invasive) extraction of foreign objects from the gastrointestinal tract
  • Endoscopic polyectomy (removal of benign formations in the stomach and colon through videocoscopy – non-operative)
  • Placement of percutaneous gastrostomy under endoscopic control (in case of unresectable esophageal narrowing and/or disturbed feeding)
  • Performing balloon dilatation in benign narrowing of the esophagus and stomach
  • Diagnosis and therapy of viral, bacterial, parasitic, inflammatory and autoimmune gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Surgical removal of malignant formations, removal of foreign bodies, torsion, ileus, and many others.
More and more families take care of exotic animals – rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice and hamsters, chinchillas and ferrets, hedgehogs, as well as birds, reptiles and insects.

The team of Nova Veterinary Clinic will be more than happy to help you take care of your exotic pet.

If your exotic pet shows any signs of a disease – do not hesitate and don’t waste time – bring him to the vet. The faster the problem is found, the better the chances are to solve it. We will perform a complete checkup and offer from a wide range of diagnostic tests, blood tests, ultrasound, and x-ray. We offer different dental services as well as surgeries, if necessary.

Get your pet a fancy new haircut!

Combing of the dogs and cats

The daily combing of your pet is an important part of the care for your pet. No matter if it is with short or long hair, the regular combing removes the dead hairs that normally shed.

The combing improves the thermal regulation of the body – for better cooling in the summer and more warmth in the winter. It is wrong to cut all the hair of the animal during the summer, because that may lead to overheating or even a heat stroke. You also shouldn’t allow the hair to become completely tangled – that will force you to cut it to the skin.

We know how important it is for the animal to feel comfortable and safe while healing from a serious disease in order to get well faster, so we created our stationary to be nice and cozy.
The cardiovascular diseases in the pets are a common problem among the patients of every veterinarian.

Due to the fact that both young and adult pets may suffer from cardiovascular diseases, we, as veterinarians, are obliged to regularly monitor for signs of such problems.

Performing a thorough examination is an important aspect of the yearly visit for preventive care, as well as before performing planned or urgent anesthesiological procedures.

The orthopedic surgery service at Nova Veterinary Clinic is performed by experts who specialize in treating all types of orthopedic trauma (fractures, luxations) and neurologic trauma (fractures and prolapsed intervertebral discs). In addition to surgery, the service also performs diagnostic evaluations of surgical candidates.

One of the more common orthopedic problems in small animals is a rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament in the knee, which is the number-one cause of hind-limb lameness in the dog. Another common condition is hip dysplasia. We perform corrective osteotomy for those cases which require surgery.

About Nova Vet Clinic

The team of highly-qualified specialists of Nova Vet Clinic is here to provide your pets with the best medical, surgical and preventive care possible.
Outstanding customer service, personal care to each and every problem of our patients, safe and pleasant atmosphere.
The clinic has an x-ray imaging room, ultrasound room, ophthalmology and cardiology room, prep room, laboratory, operating theatre. The clinic is equipped with the latest medical equipment, such as an eye surgery machine, surgical microscope for ophthalmology and neurosurgery, patient monitoring machines, video endoscope, stomatology machine, ultrasound, x-ray, oxygen supply machine and a lot more.
On the premises of Nova Vet Clinic, there is also a post-surgery rehabilitation sector and a critical care sector.
In the clinic, there is a grooming room, pet-shop, stationary, cat, and dog hotel. By creating a stress-free environment and keeping the highest level of services, we aim to provide our customers with the best possible care.

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