Dr. Maria Savova performed the ophthalmological examinations of 5 lions

Dr. Maria Savova performed the ophthalmological examinations of the 5 lions from the zoo in Razgrad, where on 23.11.2017, an international team of FOUR PAWS Bulgaria (the Netherlands, Austria, and Bulgaria) held an action to help these animals.

In the review, Dr. Savova found a problem with the adult lion Paradise – she had a lack of vision with the right eye due to cataracts (lens haze). After the operation, the vision of lion has got better.

Thankfully to the Foundation FOUR PAWS Bulgaria for this successful operation, these wonderful animals were saved – today they live in better conditions. 

Apnea treatment in a corn snake

Albino is a corn adder (Pantherophis guttatus). This type of not poisoned snakes is widespread in Central and North America. With their good character and attractive colors, corn snakes are ideal for a home-grown pet. They range from 1.2 to 1.8 meters, rarely exceeding 1.7 meters and 900 g. The average lifespan is 15-20 years. Optimum temperature limits for terrarium cultivation: daily 27 ° -30 ° C, nighttime 23 ° C. To ensure the required humidity, a bowl of water is placed under the heating lamp.

Albino holds her mouth open most of the time – apnea. It is connected with the inability to take air through the nostrils, which in its case are clogged. It has been in this condition for more than 1 year. Despite the apnea, Albino regularly eats and has no other signs of pain.

Causes of respiratory disease in snakes are most often: low temperature, increased humidity, overcrowding, stress.

Two-month Pomeranian had breakfast with a metal knob

Malkiqt-MaxiIn Nova clinic was accepted a little Maxi – a two-month Pomeranian who had breakfast with a metal knob. It was sent by colleagues for therapeutic endoscopy for non-surgical removal of the foreign body. Max was showing signs of frequent vomiting and lack of appetite.
After the clinical examination of the young glutton, videogroscopy was done and the foreign body was successfully removed. The minimally invasive procedure allowed for rapid recovery, so Maxi was written on a strict diet without any buttons. 

The annual veterinary examination of bears took place in Belitsa

On 15.07.2017 in the Bear`s Dancing Park near Belitsa was held the annual veterinary examination.

The German dentist Dr. Mark Lusey came to us once more to treat the teeth of the mezzanines. A team of veterinarians from Bulgaria, Austria and Germany, including the Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Forestry Prof. Bogdan Aminkov and one of the best eye physicians for animals not only in Bulgaria but also in the Balkans Dr. Maria Savova, made a thorough examination of the Bobby, Misho, Stephan, Seida, Gosho, and Svetla bear echograph and ray. Seyda and Svetla have a weakened vision and will need a drapery removal operation – at Seyda’s one, and at Svetla on both eyes. Gosho also has a very poor vision, but doctors do not give hope for improvement if surgery is done.

A revolutionary operation saved a stray dog 

Dear friends, there was a video reportage in the today’s show Before lunch about the amazing rehabilitation of Joshua. The fellow is recovering from a very complicated spinal surgery performed in Nova Vet Clinic, followed by a physiotherapy abroad.

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