The cardiovascular diseases in the pets are a common problem among the patients of every veterinarian.

Due to the fact that both young and adult pets may suffer from cardiovascular diseases, we, as veterinarians, are obliged to regularly monitor for signs of such problems.

Performing a thorough examination is an important aspect of the yearly visit for preventive care, as well as before performing planned or urgent anesthesiological procedures.

We should never forget the fact that some dog and cat breeds are prone to specific cardiovascular diseases. It is very important to perform regular cardiac checkups to the pets from these breeds. These checkups are non-invasive and do not stress the animal. If there are signs of a certain disease, we can give you suggestions how to control the problem in the best way possible.

Measuring the blood pressure is a routine procedure in the human medicine, but is unfortunately very rarely used by veterinarians. Following the advice of the leading veterinary organizations, we believe that this procedure should be a part of the regular checkup of each dog over 5 years of age and each cat over 7 years.

X-ray of the chest, EKG, and echocardiography are some of the methods for diagnosis and follow-up of patients with cardiovascular disease which the expert cardiologist at Nova Vet Clinic can perform.

In the recent years in Bulgaria, we are witnessing a growing number of cases of animals with heartworm disease (dirofilariosis). This parasitic disease can be easily prevented with regular preventive care. However, if no preventive medication is taken, there is a huge risk of contamination. In case of infection with dirofilariosis, we can prescribe specific treatment, which is unfortunately quite expensive and has some negative side effects. Our goal, as doctors, is to use all methods available to protect the health of our patients, and by far the preventive care is the best one.