Get your pet a fancy new haircut!


Combing of the dogs and cats

The daily combing of your pet is an important part of the care for your pet. No matter if it is with short or long hair, the regular combing removes the dead hairs that normally shed.

The combing improves the thermal regulation of the body – for better cooling in the summer and more warmth in the winter. It is wrong to cut all the hair of the animal during the summer, because that may lead to overheating or even a heat stroke. You also shouldn’t allow the hair to become completely tangled – that will force you to cut it to the skin.

The regular combing improves the aeration of the skin and allows more oxygen to reach the roots of the hairs. Thus the risk of bacterial or fungal infection is greatly lowered.

Combing also acts as a massage, allowing for a better blood supply to the skin. Last, but not least, the daily combing, performed in a proper way, brings pleasure to both sides.



Most dogs and cats do not need permanent grooming and clipping. It is enough for the breeds with long hair to be combed once a day and to have the tips of the hairs and the areas around the eyes, ears, paws, and stomach clipped once a month for better hygiene.

For others, however, the grooming is a must. Breeds like Poodle, Schnauzer and almost all terriers need to be groomed once in every two or three months. Their haircuts are standardized, with the biggest diversity being offered to the Poodles. For the breeds with short hair brushing with a special brush once or twice a month is enough to remove the dirt and dead hairs.

In Nova Veterinary Clinic we can offer you a wide range of products and services that will help you take good care of the skin of your pet and turn the daily grooming in a pleasant experience for both sides.


Bathing and drying

The regular bathing is obligatory for every pet that lives indoors. Use only special dog or cat shampoos. The human cosmetics are inappropriate for the pets because of the different pH of their skin.

In Nova Veterinary Clinic we can give your pet a special bath with dedicated cosmetics no matter of its breed. Here you will also get some professional advice on what is the best way to take care of the skin and hair of your pet.