Internal diseases

Always pay attention to your pets. Take all necessary preventive care – the regular checkup is equally important to the pets as it is for the people. A healthy animal should visit the veterinarian at least once a year for the planned prophylaxis and vaccination. Pay attention to changes in your pet’s behavior – they count on you to tell the veterinarian if they are sick or in pain. Their health and quality life wholly depends on you. And on us – we are ready to help with knowledge and love.


Speaking of internal diseases in the pets, there is a very important fact we would like to share with you – nature didn’t spare them from diseases at all, and they, just like us, suffer from all kinds of diseases. The owner plays the major role in following the condition of the pet – looking for any signs of change in its general condition and behavior. The symptoms that the owner will share with the vet are very important for the correct and timely diagnosis, leading to a faster healing process. No matter what the type of the disease is – inflammatory, acute or chronicle – the owner is the one who can take over the control of the pet’s health and make sure it is treated properly and on time.

Your introduction to the clinic begins with the therapeutic checkup of your pet, performed by your veterinarian. If the pet has a sign of disease, the vet will check its condition, make all necessary tests and diagnostic checkups, and then prescribe the proper therapy. If necessary the veterinarian will assign a checkup to a specialist: surgeon, orthopedic, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, dermatologist etc.

In order to keep the levels of stress in the pets low, the experienced specialists of Nova Vet Clinic use effective sedation methods during the procedures, and if necessary – general anesthesia. Here we have a large number of instrumental and laboratory tools for diagnosis, allowing us to quickly receive the necessary results in order for a diagnosis to be made and a method of treatment to be chosen.

The veterinary medicine nowadays offers quick tests for diagnosis of infectious diseases, as well as innovative and safe non-invasive methods for diagnosis of more serious problems – ultrasound, x-ray, EKG and so on. If the pet’s condition requires urgent care – Nova Vet clinic and its team are equipped and ready to perform an urgent surgery.  We offer a 24-hour stationary if permanent post-operative control is needed, or in a case when continuous manipulations are required.