The orthopedic surgery service at Nova Veterinary Clinic is performed by experts who specialize in treating all types of orthopedic trauma (fractures, luxations) and neurologic trauma (fractures and prolapsed intervertebral discs). In addition to surgery, the service also performs diagnostic evaluations of surgical candidates.

One of the more common orthopedic problems in small animals is a rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament in the knee, which is the number-one cause of hind-limb lameness in the dog. Another common condition is hip dysplasia. We perform corrective osteotomy for those cases which require surgery.

Additional procedures are offered for a variety of problems, including correction of angular limb deformities, congenital defects (elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation) and any number of other general orthopedic issues. The orthopedic service also does consult on request for other services, generally lameness evaluation.

Use of advanced techniques for postoperative pain control is an important focus of the service.

The orthopedic services are only performed with a scheduled appointment.