Dental services offered at Nova Vet Clinic:

  1. Specialized dental checkup
  2. Tartar cleaning with ultrasound dental machine
  3. Tooth polishing with special polishing paste
  4. Treatment with medications containing flour
  5. Treatment of hypoplasia of the enamel
  6. Baby teeth extraction
  7. Extraction of permanent teeth (with different levels of difficulty)
  8. Extraction of teeth with resorption
  9. Extraction of tooth fragments
  10. Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Nova Veterinary Clinic is equipped with an excellent veterinary dental machine and a qualified dentist, thus offering high level dental services.

The most common reason for the owners to bring their pet to a vet dentist is cleaning the tartar from the teeth with ultrasound, followed by teeth polishing with special polishing paste. Another very common problem is the so-called polydontia, which occurs when the baby teeth remain attached together with the adult teeth.

Every patient who needs the help of a dentist should first schedule an appointment for a consultation, where the doctor will determine the type of the problem and advice how this problem should be solved. Not only the surgeries, but all stomatological interventions require anesthesia of the patient. Therefore we recommend before starting any procedures a pre-anesthesiologic checkup to be performed. On the day of the procedure, the pet should be brought to the clinic with an empty stomach – the last meal should have been eaten at least 12 hours beforehand. In most cases the patient is sent home on the same day – no hospitalization is needed.

To schedule an appointment you can call +359 888 870 055. In case of emergency, you should come to the clinic immediately.