Frequently asked questions:

When should I bring my pet to the clinic for a surgery?

Your pet should be registered at the reception desk not later than 9:00 in the morning unless if you are traveling from a different city – in that case, you should inform the staff about your expected time of arrival.

When should I last feed my pet before I bring him for a surgical intervention?

It is very important that you do not feed your pet after 22:00 in the night before the surgery. Some water can be offered until a couple of hours before coming to the clinic. Feeding the animal sooner may result in postponing the intervention.

Can I give my pet a bath before a surgery?

Since most surgical interventions are planned, we recommend that you groom your pet at least 7 days before the procedure. There is usually a two or three week period after the surgery when you cannot give your pet a bath. It is important to know that the sooner before the surgery the pet is washed, the bigger the risk of infection is.

What area of the hair needs to be cut to prepare the animal for the surgery?

For appropriate preparation of a sterile surgical field, an area of hair in the zone of the intervention needs to be cut. A small area of hair should also be trimmed at the place where the catheter will be placed – it will be used to inject different medications like painkillers, antibiotics, and fluids.

Will the patient be monitored during anesthesia?

The team of Nova Veterinary Clinic is made up of highly qualified specialists with a lot of experience in their fields. Every patient that will be anesthetized has an individually assigned veterinarian, who is personally responsible for the preparation of the patient and who will monitor the condition during the surgery. That same doctor stays close to the animal and follows its condition until the physical parameters are back to normal.

Will somebody from the clinic call me after the surgery?

After the surgery is complete and the physical parameters of the patient are back to normal, a veterinarian from Nova Veterinary Clinic will call you and let you know how the procedure went by. Do not hesitate to call at any time if you want to check how your animal feels. We fully understand that it is not easy for anyone to leave their pet in a clinic for a surgery.

When your pet needs to undergo a surgical intervention, it is good to know that in Nova Veterinary Clinic there are surgeons with excellent  qualification, a lot of experience and high professional ethics.

At Nova Veterinary Clinic we perform the following routine and specialized surgical procedures:

  • Eye surgery;
  • Soft tissue surgery;
  • Orthopedic surgery;
  • Onco surgery;
  • Neurosurgery;
  • Undoubtedly you, as pet owners, are worried about the stress and pain your pet will go through before, during and after the surgical intervention.

In Nova Veterinary Clinic we understand how important it is to create a comfortable and stress-free environment for the faster and better recovery of our patients. It is very important to us that each one of them receives adequate pain control – we use all methods possible to prevent the patient from feeling any pain during and after the surgery.

In most cases, the surgery is a planned procedure. There are many questions that undoubtedly bother the mind of the pet owner. Our staff will gladly answer each one of them.

In case if you need a second opinion or you are just not sure if that certain procedure will improve the health of your pet –our surgeons will happily consult you.

They can give you adequate and complete information about the benefits and the risks from a certain surgical intervention.

They can explain in details the stages and the duration of the recovery process and inform you what to expect after the procedure. They won’t leave any question unanswered and will help you take the best possible decision. This way we will solve the problem together with the pet owner calmly and effectively.

The excellent collaboration between the surgeons and the other veterinarians from the team of Nova Veterinary Clinic, together with every vet’s aim to do his best for each patient, creates a positive environment with excellent medical service, where the animals feel comfortable and the recovery time is short.

Our veterinarians and the clinic have excellent relations with the vet society in Sofia, as well as in the other cities in Bulgaria. That gives us the possibility to create maximum comfort for both the pet owners and our colleagues.

The referral patients for consultation or surgery can continue their treatment with their own veterinarian.

We perceive our job as an opportunity to serve our customers as if they were our close friends, and our patients – as if they were our own pets. That is our philosophy. That is what makes us different.